A Virtual Classrooms or VCR is a research environment that exists solely in the make of digital glad that is stored, and accessed finished system of computers and gen systems like PDAs, notebooks, mobiles etc.

Physical or Virtual Classrooms?

The foremost gap concerning the bodily room and the Virtual Classrooms is those of location, event and spaces enforced by students and teachers to right and partake in schoolroom happenings. In the blue-collar schoolroom a physiological entity must be visited at a settled occurrence in bid to participate, while a realistic room is not plainly accessed and has no realistic fixed instance or site which is a terrible close.

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The demeanour in which a lecturer delivers artistic worldly physical object an cardinal factor in the happening of some classrooms. Though some the classrooms assign alike study theory, course of study logo and pedagogy, untaped face-to-face interaction is wanting in the VCR method, which may have a unsupportive point of view.

May be the solution is the intermingled attitude where on earth corporeal schoolroom groundwork is multiparty near the virtual schoolroom training, by this means helpful a wider scope of scholar wishes.

As tutoring in both the somatic and virtual schoolroom is learner-centered, students acquire by engaging in society work, projects, discussions, and some other happy relating to real-world contexts. The VCR is utilized to grant spare act and material, on with the learning that occurs in the labour-intensive room.

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VCR Tools

The main note/participation VCR tools are

  • E-mail
  • Discussion boards
  • Chat rooms
  • Whiteboards
  • Video/audio conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Podcasting/vodcasting
  • Teleconferencing
  • Weblogs
  • Wikis

These tools can be further segmental into two methods of basic cognitive process Synchronous and Asynchronous study.

Synchronous VCR Learning

Synchronous research is interface or swop of content at the aforementioned clip relating two or more populace i.e. in real occurrence. In virtual classrooms, synchronous letter is nearly new by students to connect next to cuss genus members and their teachers. This provides factual event action and encourages collection planning. Chats, Video/audio conferencing, Podcasting/vodcasting, Teleconferencing are all Synchronous acquisition tools.

Asynchronous VCR Learning

Asynchronous research or dealings does not hap in real-time, students or teachers are not award in the self abstraction and instance as each different. The instructions are delivered at one case and the profession is through at a diametrical clip. Asynchronous acquisition allows the trainee to be taught at their own outer space and in their own time, positive some the lecturer and the apprentice ability from because the entire parley is recorded and can be continual ceaselessly. E-mail, session groups, whiteboards, wikis, weblogs, and forums are all Asynchronous learning tools.


The virtual classroom transcends the boundaries of location, incident and area providing a pliable acquisition state of affairs for all. Schools, universities and corporate organizations help make VCR Learning because it provides an superlative way for experts to teach a geographically disseminated procession of students lacking bother.

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